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October 25, 2009

Traditional Herbal Medicine Under Threat in the United Kingdom

Cropwatch has posted [PDF] and sent out by e-mail to its subscribers an emergency mailing about the situation in the United Kingdom with respect to regulation of herbal medicine. Although this blog is more focused on the aromatics world, we also are interested (and believe our readers are also) in herbal medicine, and at this point it’s not clear to us whether essential oils could or would be included in that regulation.

Most of the readers of this site are Americans, but if you happen to be from the United Kingdom, the EU, or even are American, you should get more information on this issue from the Cropwatch site and sign the petitions linked from it and also linked from the beginning of the Cropwatch letter posted here (emphasis mine):

The purpose of this Cropwatch emergency mailing is primarily to ask
all of you to seriously consider signing the Save Our Herbs petition at http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/support-herbal-medicine.html This organisation not only campaigns on behalf of the general public, but also represents a very significant proportion of medical herbalists of both Eastern and Western traditions, practising in the UK.

Time is very short - if you want to support this very worthy campaign
ensuring the continued availability of safe Herbal Medicinal Products,
the continued free use of a wide range of our safe endemic &
imported Herbs by ordinary people according to our traditions,
preventing the takeover of small Herbal Medicine Suppliers by
pharmaceutical concerns, & opposition to Statutory Regulation of
Herbalists, you will need to sign the petition by 31st October 2009.
The Save Our Herbs campaign’s official website can be found at
http://www.saveourherbs.org.uk/index.html and provides a wealth of
background information to this potential crisis for Herbal Medicine.
Cropwatch strongly recommends you to read through the
comprehensive information to be found there.

The Newsletter continues for 11 pages and will not be reprinted on this blog. But I strongly recommend that you read it and the information on the linked sites and follow through as best you can. You can read the full newsletter here on the Cropwatch site.

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