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March 09, 2008

Ultrasound Assisted Essential Oil Extraction

 Sample Preparation (an Online magazine) has reviewed a paper that has been accepted for publication in the journal Talanta entitled "Ultrasound-assisted dynamic extraction of valuable compounds from aromatic plants and flowers as compared with steam distillation and superheated liquid extraction." The system was used to extract essential oils from dried leaves of laurel, rosemary, thyme, oregano and tuberose, as well as tuberose flowers (it didn't work well for the tuberose). When compared to the SD and SWE extractions with MSGC, there were higher amounts of more volatile EO components, which the researchers say will be closer to the natural smell of the plants.

The team recommend UAE for the extraction of aroma compounds from natural products, due to its speed, low energy and equipment costs, and relatively high yields.

No information was presented in the review about how UAE extracted oils might work in aromatherapy, and they didn't compare them to CO2 extractions, but it sounds like they might be comparable to CO2 because there is no heat applied.

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