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September 06, 2007

Steam Distillation Website Established

A new website has been established on the subject of "Steam Distillation of Essential Oils: Modeling and Characterization" by Dr. Manuel Cerpa of the University of Valladolid, Spain. The site is mostly in Spanish with some English content, but it can be translated using the Google toolbar (which unfortunately doesn't do a very good job on this site because many technical terms don't seem to be in the Google dictionary) or other translation programs. The site presents the results of experiments with steam distillation of some aromatic plants, including lavandin, rosemary, hyssop, Spanish marjoram, and fennel, with place markers for additional oils including eucalyptus, and some others that Google doesn't translate but which I believe are lemon verbena, muna (Bolivian medicinal plants), and Pink Pepper (Schinus molle).

Pages are included to introduce the subject and define terms, present the problems, review the state of the art, discuss alternate technologies, and present experiences, methodology, scale, documentation, links, and author's information. Detailed information, pictures of equipment, diagrams and graphs are included.

This site appears to be based on the results of Dr. Cerpa's doctoral research. As such, it includes references and a full discussion of the subject. From the standpoint of the English-reading user, it has some deficiencies because of the translation difficulties. However, if you are willing to puzzle out the meanings of some of the words, and not laugh too hard at Google's botched translation (e.g. escalado <--> climbing when it apparently means scaled) the site is an excellent overview of the steam distillation process.

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