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September 24, 2007

Over-regulation Could Destroy Natural Aromatics

Cropwatch (Tony Burfield et al) presented a keynote paper on Regulation of Natural Aromatics at the  38th International Symposium on Essential Oils in Graz, Austria on 12th Sept. 2007. A copy of the full paper is posted on the Cropwatch website here. We'll be blogging about this in more detail, but if you have time, you should read the entire paper, which goes into many details about how natural aromatics are being over-regulated.

The paper presentation starts out with this historic photo:


  [Note to American Readers: this may seem less relevant to us because Cropwatch is trying to deal with the European Union regulations, but they are coming after us, too. Between the Codex attempts to "harmonize" food regulation, global trade laws, and side effects from confusion over the proper role of the FDA which under-regulates some things and over-regulates others, we may at some point find outselves fighting the same battles.]

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