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July 15, 2007

Notes and News

  • The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released an action plan for dealing with Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), according to an article in the daily green. Or you can link directly to the plan here (PDF). It's not clear how this will be funded (they appear to be reallocating some existing funding). Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has proposed legislation that would allocate $89 million for research into pollinator issues, and she hopes to get it included in the Farm Bill this year.
  • The C.A.M. Report cites a study done in Thailand on the physiological effects of rubbing Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) on the skin. The study found that the ylang ylang users had lowered blood pressure and higher skin temperature, and felt more relaxed. This provides support for the use of ylang ylang in aromatherapy to produce relaxation and help relieve depression and stress.
  • Speaking of  ylang ylang, Reuters Africa reports that Comoros plans increase ylang ylang production by 33% over the next two years. They have planted 70,000 trees over the last two years that will be coming into production over the next few years. Most of the Comoros production goes to France for use in the perfume and aromatherapy industry. The article also discusses cloves and vanilla, pointing out that prices had collapsed in recent years, but are beginning to recover. The current price of ylang oil is around $184 (90-135 euros). The article claims that Comoros has a near monopoly on the ylang market. European funding has been provided for a reforestation program because of the impact of ylang's 16 hour distillation process, which consumes large amounts of wood.
  • The C.A.M Report also cites an article in the August 2007 issue of Cat Fancy magazine pointing out the dangers of certain undiluted essential oils to cats.  Lavender and Pennyroyal are mentioned but there doesn't seem to be much hard data.
  • I give up--I'm going to have to report on this one, which has been covered on lot's of blogs, most deriving from pink tentacle.  Pentel, the Japanese pencil manufacturer, has developed an Aromatherapy pencil lead.  Using Nanotechnology (a buzzword for making things 1,000 times smaller than microtechnology) they have encapsulated essential oils in very small bubbles within the pencil lead so that it will have a life of up to 3 years in the unopened package, or 3 months in the open air.  They are currently available in 3 aromatic blends: Refreshing, Healing, and Positive. They will be on the market in September under the brand name "Ain supplio" (at least in Japan). I wonder if they'll have them at Costco? My guess is using these won't stop people from stealing my pencils . . .
  • One of those strange blogs that rips off an article from another blog or source on the web, runs it all together without formatting, and publishes it as its own, (seemingly 90% of all aromatherapy blogs) has picked up an article on "A Beginner's Guide to Using Aromatherapy with Children" from the Ezine Articles web site. This and several other articles were written by Misty Rae Cech, ND, who has an aromatherapy web site. My guess is this has been up on the web for some time. Since the Ezine Articles web site has acceptance guidelines similar to those for this blog, I will feel free to link to these articles when appropriate because they are not trying to sell or promote specific products. But we'll link to the original materials if possible.
  • The New York Times Travel Section has an article today on the Fragonard perfumerie in Grasse, France, which gives tours.

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