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April 11, 2007

Notes and News

  • Tumbledown provides instructions (with pictures) for building a sanctuary for bees in your backyard. As he/she says, "Let’s lessen the impact of colony collapse disorder by creating a sustainable network of localized and diversified apiculture."
  • Natural Cosmetics are featured in a London Guardian article about L'Oréal, the world's largest cosmetic company.
    "Once the preserve of a few hippies, the natural cosmetics phenomenon has gradually migrated into the mainstream and is now a booming market. Sales are only 1% of the global beauty market - just €1.5bn (£1bn). But it is growing at 15%-20% a year, and all the big cosmetic firms have started paying attention."
  • "What did they smell like in the ancient world?" at ThinkingShift is a nostalgic take on ancient perfumes found on the island of Cyprus written about by John Roach in National Geographic.   Natural perfumers can probably add another believer in the superiority of natural fragrance.  Marcia has responded to ThinkingShift with some suggestions where to go to find out what's happening today in the world of natural perfumes and other aromatic delights.
  • An effort to partner with Madagascar by the French Cosmetics Industry champions the biodiversity of orchids and could save species like Angracum eburneum longicalcar, in danger of becoming extinct prior to collector Marcel Lecoufle's efforts begun in the 1930's.  This partnership could not only bring sustainable development for these orchid species, some delicately perfumed, it could encourage eco-commerce that honors natural ingredients for perfumes and cosmetics.
  • Are first-amendment rights for proponents of natural health being clandestinely targeted?  These health rights extend to unemcumbered use of essential oils and other plant extracts for aromatherapy, environmental fragrancing and perfumery.  A look at recent events by Mike Adams of News Target should make us perk our ears and take notice, as opinions there reinforce the efforts of Tony Burfield at Cropwatch who diligently works to keep us informed and active with regard to IFRA's relationship with and mandates from Codex/EU.  Tony's latest efforts and concerns will be covered in more detail in a separate blog.   

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