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March 13, 2007

Notes and News

  • As reported in the Manchester Evening News, "Microbiologists at Manchester Metropolitan University have developed a unique blend of natural oils which destroy infections such as MRSA."
    They are using the blend in a diffuser and have seen reductions of bacteria by as much as 90% while the diffusers are running. Actually, the devices they are using utilize airflow technology and are the high-priced unit from Scent Technologies, and more information on the study is on the ST web page at the link.
  • A study reported in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy reports on In vitro susceptibility of Madurella mycetomatis, prime agent of Madura foot, to tea tree oil and artemisinin and concludes that "Artemisinin was not active against M. mycetomatis, but tea tree oil did inhibit its growth. Since tea tree oil's prime component easily penetrates the skin, tea tree oil could be a useful agent in the treatment of eumycetoma." The study suggests that tea tree could replace two currently used pharmaceuticals that are become ineffective in this application.
  • Most people use some kind of home fragrance, according to the Home Fragrance Association. Last year, Americans spent nearly $8 billion on scented candles, diffusers, air fresheners and aromatherapy products.
    Or so it says in an article in STLToday, touted as the #1 Website in St. Louis. The article gives a minimally researched newspaper view of the world of fragrance.  The "Home Fragrance Association" doesn't Google; perhaps they got the name wrong. Other sources include The Fragrance Foundation and some local manufacturers. A sidebar lists a number of products, mostly Fragrance products, but includes the word "aromatherapeutic" in one of its blurbs; typical of the usual confusion of terms in the media.
  • A new article on Lavender essential oil and gynecomastia is making the rounds of the Internet and the Sunday newspapers. The article, written by Andy Dworkin, first appeared on February 28 in the Oregonian and actually contains new material about the issue, based on interviews with lavender growers in the Northwest and the authors of the study. It also appears to contain some misinformation, and the author apparently didn't contact the aromatherapy community. (His e-mail address is at the end of the article.) The latest publication was a syndicated version in the St. Paul Pioneer-Press on 3/11/07.

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