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February 21, 2007

Notes and News February 21

  • Aromatherapy tops the list of popular complimentary therapies in report from the University of Ulster which notes that the numbers of adverse events recorded were very low.
  • Perfumer & Flavorist publishes a gracious response and apology for any part in creating the wedge between supporters of the Cropwatch petition regarding IFRA's 40th amendment and proponents of the amendment.  They include a letter from the Director General of IFRA which letter fails miserably if this was in any way an attempt to find common ground with the dissenters. The letter reeks of loaded and snooty terminology such as "so-called" and more or less comes off as being high-minded upholders of fairness and environmental stewardship, thus intimating that the opposers of the amendment are anything but.  Disappointing language that puts up a barrier to any real dialog among the parties and only reinforces the opinion of those out here crying "foul" on the amendment in the first place.  Why not proffer a direct letter to Cropwatch, Mr. Houri?

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