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February 08, 2009

The Senate affects Aromatics Stimulus

I took a look at the list of items cut from the Stimulus package by the Senate compromise team. Several items that will be cut may affect aromatics in the US. These include:

  • $100 million cut from Farm Service Agency Modernization
  • $50 million cut from Cooperative State Resources, Education, or Extension
  • $65 million for watershed rehabilitation

What wasn’t indicated on the cut list whether there would be any funds remaining in these categories. What is clear that these cuts could potentially affect farming and farm services that might support aromatic crops. On the other hand, the proportion which might have trickled down to help aromatic crop farmers is probably small.

Final passage of the stimulus package in the Senate probably won’t come until Tuesday. There will then have to be a Conference Committee with the House to reconcile the differences between the House and Senate bills. It’s possible that some of these items might be put back in.

If you have any feelings one way or the other on this bill, you should contact your Senators or Congressperson.

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Where'd you see this line item?

Posted by: ador | Feb 15, 2009 6:26:40 PM

Great post! I’ve been very interested in organic product for a long time. I didn’t know that The Senate affects Aromatics Stimulus

Posted by: Michael Grey | Mar 5, 2009 3:36:10 AM

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