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July 15, 2008

The Natural discussion continues

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists has weighed in on the question of "natural" at its annual scientific seminar last month in Orlando, according to a recent Happi article entitled "It's Not Natural..." The article discusses both natural and organic definitions, most of which we have mentioned here in previous posts.

Speakers at the conference pointed out that there are six major organizations trying to define natural, which is not exactly true; five them are working on organic standards and only one (NPA) has even dealt with the term "natural" in their standard. The NIRC and the IANPP weren't even mentioned, but they aren't major organizations so I supposed they don't count.

Issues other than standards, but related to natural/organic manufacturing including green chemistry and sustainable packaging.  There was a review of regulatory issues, pointing out that there is no general consensus on the meaning of "natural" and that because the FDA has no definition, it may be up to the Feceral Trade Commission (FTC) might resolve the issue based on whether claims made are "clear and definitive".

What is clear at present is that the whole discussion of natural is not definitive, as pointed out at the seminar, and as pointed out on this blog.

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